Dynamic NFTs

2.4) Traits Economy

Each of these traits or add-ons is on its own an NFT that can be "attached" to the main base token and thus increase its value and rarity - all while keeping decentralized blockchain standards. These can be traced and traded across other marketplaces like OpenSea or Looksrare.
Having individual traits implies a new means of tokenomics for the project’s lifetime, as the focus is shifted from transferring mining a base token into upgrading it and equipping with the pertinent traits.

NFT Traits Marketplace

One Mint Dynamic NFT Marketplace is currently the only stack that allows users to enter the laboratory and preview traits on the base token before minting and equipping. The user experience
-Secondary Sales
-Traits Economy
-Traits are the new subscription
  • Logics for having traits
  • Longevity with seasonal traits